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How can we help you & your family?

PMA strives to deliver tailored risk solutions to our clients through superior customer service. By establishing an industry-wide average funeral and death claim settlement time of two working days, PMA has worked to improve customer service throughout the years. Our primary custom risk solutions and products are listed below:

Life Insurance

Life insurance is designed to pay benefits when the lives of the insured pass away by death


Designed to pay some of a person's income when disabled from an illness or injury and cannot work.


Covers short-term financial needs of a family, e.g. costs of a burial or cremation, groceries & airtime.


Designed to cover payments for hospital stays, outpatient medical treatment, surgery, or any hospital-related activity.


Provides financial protection if you are diagnosed with a debilitating illness, whether terminal or not.


Designed to pay out benefits only if death occurs because of an accident on the road or other situations

Excellent Protection

At PMA you ensure that all your personal information and personal data are secured and will not be shared with external 3rd parties

High Saving Potential

More benefits for less; you can be sure that your insurance cover is at the best possible rate for the given risk profile.

Easy To Claim

PMA strives to save its clients time by making the claim process as simple and hassle-free as possible.

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It’s time to think about both your life and the lives of others, choose the best insurance, and relax knowing that you are secure.